09 April 1986

Dancing with ice

April 8-9, 1986

This was supposed to be a mission of mercy. Liz and I were going to fly an evangelist, Delano McMann, from the Dayton area to his church in South Carolina. We were to depart after the evening revival service. He was to preach a funeral the next morning, and then return to Dayton that afternoon. He would return in time to preach the next revival service.

When we arrived at Tri-City, Virginia, the general aviation terminal was closed. Since we could not get gas, we were forced to spend the night. We departed early the next morning to get Delano to the church in time for the 10:00 a.m. funeral. Fortunately one of his church members had a grass field that was very close to the church. It was short but adequate.

After the funeral we were on our way back to Dayton. Unfortunately the cloud tops were higher than forecasted, and we flew into icing conditions. I could not get out of the ice, so I landed again at Tri-City. We had to spend another unscheduled night there. Delano missed that night of his revival services. The flight home the next day was uneventful.

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