18 February 1999

Too high and fast

Willie, Deanna, their kids (Hope & Jared), Liz and I were landing at Farmington, MO en route to Tulsa, OK. Nearby ATIS reported direct crosswinds. I chose the most convenient end of the runway to approach. In spite of pulling power to idle and slipping the airplane (like flying sideways), I got to the runway faster and higher than I wanted. The wheels touched down halfway down the 4000 foot runway, 20 knots faster than I wanted. I wasn't sure I could stop before the runway ended. I had to go around. Once above the airport, I looked at the windsock. It showed a direct crosswind. So I approached the same runway again. This time I was slower and lower and was able to land, but I still needed the entire runway to stop. When I got out of the plane there was a 10+ knot tailwind down the runway. Then I noticed the runway was also downhill. At least I took off the opposite direction into the wind!

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