23 February 2011

Remove taskbar entry for Pidgin in KDE

Here are the instructions (feel free to copy/adjust them, for the Pidgin FAQ, if there is any need):
  1. Be sure that the system tray icon of Pidgin is always shown, so you will be able to open the buddy list, if it is minimized (menu "Tools", then "Preferences"; "Interface" tab; "Show system tray icon" to "Always").
  2. Click on the Pidgin icon, in the "Buddy List" window titlebar.
  3. In the window menu, click on "Advanced", and then on "Special Window Settings...".
  4. In the "Window-Specific Settings" window, click on the "Preferences" tab.
  5. In the tab, check "Skip taskbar", and then select "Force" in the dropdown list, and check the box on the right of the dropdown list.
  6. Finally, click on the "Ok" button, and the taskbar entry for the Pidgin buddy list should disappear.
If you ever deactivate the Pidgin systray icon, and forget to reinitialize the KDE window settings, you can access the settings from the KDE control center, in the "Desktop", then "Window-Specific Settings" options (there will be a "Window settings for pidgin" entry, which you will be able to modify or delete, which will make the Pidgin desktop entry disappear -well, it does not seem to be ablied immediately, so I guess you still will have to ``kill pidgin``).
There might be similar options for the Gnome window manager, and maybe others.

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