29 March 2011

CFI Training 2: Memory Deficiency Noted

This was just ground review for the CFI oral exam. During this I pulled out the manual for the 172RG and discovered that the manual explicitly disallows spins. My instructor, my commercial examiner and I all where under the impression that all 172's were rated for spins. This is why it's important to know your aircraft before attempting spins. Things that I need work on include general airspace dimensions, visibility and cloud clearance rules. I know that the pilots out there reading this are thinking that this is basic stuff every pilot should know. Well, I've had my IFR rating for so long and if I don't have 5,1,2,3 and 1,1,1,5 above 10,000ft then I go IFR.

For you non-pilots, the 5,1,2,3 and 1,1,1,5 refer to cloud clearances and visibility. If your flying under 10,000ft above sea level, in general, you need 500ft above, 1000 ft below, and 2000ft horizontal from the clouds and 3 statute miles visibility. If you flying above 10,000 ft MSL you need 1000ft above, 1000ft below, 1SM horizontal and 5SM visibility.

I also need to work on remembering what goes in the AVIATESP, ARROW, ATOMATOEFLAMES, and FLAPS Acronyms.

AVIATESP refers to the required inspections (14 CFR 91.409, 91.411, 91.413, 91.207)
Airworthiness Directives
VOR Check (IFR) - Every 30 days
Inspections (100hr & annual)
Altimeter (IFR) - Every 24 Months
Transponder - Every 24 Months
Emergency Locator Transmitter - 12 Months or 1hr of use or 1/2 battery life
Static & Pitot System - Every 24 Months
Preflight (not required by FARs but a good pilot does a good preflight)

ARROW refers to documents that must be on-board the aircraft (91.203)
Airworthiness Certificate (must be visible)
Registration Certificate
Radio Operators License (International flights)
Operator's Handbook (Specific to N-number)
Weight and balance (usually in the POH, specific to N-number)

ATOMATOEFLAMES refers to day VFR required equipment (91.205)
Oil Pressure
Manifold Pressure (complex)
Airspeed Indicator
Temperature (liquid cooled engines)
Oil Temperature
Fuel Gauge
Landing Gear Indicator Lights
Anti-collision Lights
Magnetic Compass
Emergency equipment (Life vests, life rafts, flare gun etc. if for hire over water 91.509)
Seat Belts

FLAPS refers to night VFR required equipment
Landing Light
Anti-collision Lights
Position Lights (red/green NAV. Lights)
Source of Electrical Power (Alt/Gen)

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