21 March 1994

It's mine, you can't have it

Liz, Beverly and I were flying 300 miles to Davenport, IA. Because of strong headwinds and time of day we decided to stop at Muncie, IN for lunch. I just had to visit the avionics shop and see the new Telex ANR (active noise reduction) headset on display. The headset listens for constant background noise and generates a sound wave in a negative phase to cancel out the unwanted noise. It works best in the low frequency range of engine noise. Since I had an established relationship with the shop, the manager let me "borrow" the set for the next two days. I wore the head set for the first twenty minutes of the next flight. The noise reduction was phenomenal. I offered to trade headsets with Liz. My mistake. She would not give it back. We returned to Muncie the following day and bought two headsets. If I only bought one, I know who would be wearing it! In March 1999, I had a hearing test that was normal. I believe those headset had a lot to do with that!

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