18 June 1994


Gary is one of my non-pilot friends. His dad was a pilot in WW2. Gary's dad told him that when he died, he wanted his pilot friend to drop his ashes over the city of Covington, KY. The time had come to carry out his dad's request. Nolan (our pastor), Gary and I flew in a C182 over Covington. We saw the widow standing in the yard. I had inspected the ashes just before take off. There were a few larger fragments that looked like bone, so I elected to have Gary drop the ashes over a wooded area just south of the house. I'm sure the plume of ashes was visible from the ground. When we landed, the left side of the plane was covered in dust. With my finger I wrote "DAD". Gary and I looked at each other and smiled. There was room for humor on this solemn occasion.

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