06 April 2011

CFI Training 4: The Sister & the NO GO

Well, Lesson 4 was a bit of a bust. We had winds varying from 160 to 180 at 21 gusting to 27kts, across runway 20. averaging a 17kts crosswind component. My sister was meant to be my practice student. I decided to bag the flight but wanted to at least do the pre-flight checklist with her. She has been in light aircraft many times but never been at the controls, so the introductory flight wasn't really necessary. We rescheduled for next Saturday but my sis isn't available so I'm hoping one of my engineering buddies who is actually looking at getting his private soon will be available. Until then I'm going to get a Check Out in a rental with an autopilot for trip I'm planning. I also intend on studying for the oral exam some more, maybe I'll pick up ASA's CFI oral exam guide.

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