12 April 2011

CFI Training 5: Not Nearly Enough Air Time

We are getting close. Nearly 1/2 my scheduled flights are getting scrubbed due to weather, and not entirely crappy weather mind you. One flight was scrubbed due to moderate crosswinds. Another scrubbed for heat and bumps at low altitudes. Last nights was canceled due to a scheduling mishap. The plane was reserved for the night prior by mistake. Well despite all that it looks like I'm about 2-4 flights away from sign off. I need to instruct slow flight, stalls etc. And Need to perfect my own right seat commercial maneuvers: Lazy eights, eights on pylons, Chandelles. I'd also like to work on some of the private maneuvers (turns around a point, S-truns, etc) and perhaps some instrument from the right seat. Looks like I'm about 2 weeks away from the test.

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